This is our sitting and dining room. It's really cosy when the fire is on. Our guests eat at the big table and sometimes they talk so much I think they will never finish. Dad does most of the cooking but Mum is really good too. Her Granny taught her how to cook on the farm they had in County Kildare, Ireland.

Breakfast is when you like it, within reason, and dinner is served at 19.30. It's a four course Table d'Hote menu using mainly local produce. Lamb, beef, pork and wild boar come from the farms around us, as do a wide variety of soft fruits and herbs. Game, birds and 4-legged, are from local estates. Dad grows most of his own vegetables in the garden down by the river. Scottish cheeses may not be as well known as french ones, but they are every bit as good. We make a great deal of our own bread, oatcakes and preserves but also have superb local options. We try to know the provenance of everything we serve and the more local it is the better.. I like the butcher best because he always brings me a big bone to chew. We can manage fine if you have particular dietary needs as long as we know in advance.

In 2001 we won the Johansens "Wine List of the Year" award for our wine list. We have over 100 different wines from around the world, including a selection of dessert wines. From 2000 to its demise in 2003 we were recommended by The Taste of Scotland and then awarded 3 Medallions by the Scottish Tourist Board for Home Cooking. We are included in The Best Tastes of Scotland guide for 2005 and now approved by the new Eat Scotland initiative.


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The Pend, 5 Brae Street
Dunkeld, Scotland, PH8 0BA

Phone: (44) 01350 727586
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