Weddings and Wedding Co-ordination

The stunning beauty of the the area - the tranquil serenity of the old Cathedral - the historic atmosphere of the valley and the majestic River Tay flowing by makes Dunkeld the perfect place for your wedding no matter where in the world you live. There is a great choice of Wedding venue, including a number hotels, Dunkeld Cathedral, several other churches of different faiths, Murthly Castle and Chapel. Alternatively you may wish to hold your ceremony on top of a hill, by a loch or river, at a beauty spot or historical site.Whatever is your dream location, the Dunkeld area can almost certainly turn your dream into reality.

Dunkeld is easily accessible by air, road and rail. There is accommodation ranging from basic to world class and ample superb venues for your reception.

Itineraries can be arranged to keep your guests entertained whether it be for a day or a week.

We have a wealth of information covering every facet of your wedding, be it religious, humanist, civil or other. We can advise you about any aspect or arrange anything or everything for your special day.


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